Asking Your Plumber to Install a Solar Hot Water Heater Can Help Your Bottom Line

Solar hot water heaters are an excellent option for anyone looking to decrease their energy bills and for anyone looking to do their part to help out the environment. While many different types of solar heating devices have been developed, solar hot water heaters utilize several important components to provide reliable and inexpensive hot water for home use.

A plumber can install two main types of solar hot water heaters. The first is known as an indirect circulation system, which moves a heat-transfer fluid from a collector into a heat exchanger where that heat can then pass into the water on the other side of the barrier. This method is popular and recommended for places that often experience freezing temperatures. The second type of solar hot water heaters are known as direct circulation systems. In these systems, pumps circulate water directly through the collectors and back into the home. Because of the design and construction of these systems, they work best in climates and areas that rarely experience freezing temperatures.

A storage tank is an essential component for solar hot water heaters in order to keep a reserve of hot water ready for actual use. While a plumber will likely recommend a backup system for cloudy or cold days, utilizing any type of solar hot water heaters will decrease the amount of energy needed to heat water for domestic use, thus saving you money in both the short and long-term.

An experienced plumber will be able to advise you on the best possible solution for your water heater needs.

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