How Do You Know if Your Garage Door Needs Repair?

For any garage door to move either up or down, there is a great deal of mechanics at play. At one point or the other, these parts are bound to develop a fault. If you own a garage and its door is faulty, here are a couple of telltale signs you ought to look for before getting a garage door repair:

  • Delayed response- In the general run of things, your garage door should tick a second or two after pushing a button on your remote. Do you notice that your garage door takes time before accepting commands from your remote? This could be due to issues with your control panel or even your garage door remote.
  • Very noisy– This is common mostly among the older models. Issues on the door’s spring may cause the undue noise. These may cause excessive strain on the surrounding components.
  • Unresponsive garage door– The leading causes stem from poor connectivity between the control panel and the remote. Before calling your garage door repair company, do a quick check. Is there anything blocking the door from closing completely? Does the problem lie with the remote or the control panel?

If you notice any of these signs, DO NOT carry out a garage door repair on your own. Hire a seasoned professional who has extensive understanding of the system. In case of a door failure, it is advisable to let them tackle the issue(s) from a professional perspective.

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About the author : Robin Colon