Why Promotional Products are Better than Business Cards

Why Promotional Products are Better than Business Cards

A business card is a great way to get information about you or your company to someone, but they’re also as easy to toss as they are to hand out. One way to try and prevent a potential customer from throwing out your company’s information is by attaching your name or logo to promotional products. Whether they be pens, stress balls, or Chapstick, promotional products can be something a potential customer would choose to keep.

While it’s good for a customer to have your company’s name with them at all times, a more useful part is having the information not just consciously but subconsciously. Even if the customers do not look at the promotional products closely and actively think about your business, they will remember your company logo or name in the future. If it gets brought up or they hear an ad for it, they will hear the name and think about how that name sounds familiar, and they already know what the company is. Promotional products are kind of like commercials for your product because potential clients hold onto them and keep using them. Name recognition increases the chances of potential customers trusting your business and choosing to do business with you.

Promotional products are very similar to business cards, but they are much more effective in forcing a consumer to remember your name, not to mention how inexpensive they can be when bought in bulk. Most advertising is expensive, but promotional products are cheap and are a very good form of advertising. They are also most likely going to be given to potential clients, whereas a commercial or ad may be seen by thousands with only a small percentage being potential clients.

Promotional products are a cheap and efficient way to advertise your business and should be considered for your company’s next public event.

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