What Packaging Solutions Tell Customers

In the age of the internet and unboxing videos, the message that packaging solutions tell customers is more important than ever. The packaging solution chosen for a product will tell the customer what the company values, what their aesthetic is, and how much the company cares about the transportation of the product. Here are a few key details to packaging solutions that scream pages of information to the customer.

  1. Fit and Finish: Whether or not the packaging was specifically made for the product says a lot about whether the company cares about the product. The money spent on carefully designed packaging will tell the customer that you do care about the product enough to design packaging for it. One size may fit all, but that doesn’t mean one size is appropriate for all your products.
  2. Easy to Return: Packaging that requires destruction of itself to get to the product makes the customer less comfortable with returns. Packaging that is easy to open and reseal tells the customer that they should not fear purchasing your product simply because returning it would be difficult.
  3. Eco-Friendly: No one wants to be seen as wasteful, so adding an overabundance of packaging that can’t be recycled is not a good image. A customer may read wasteful and excessive packaging as the parent company being apathetic towards waste. Efficient and eco-friendly packaging goes a long way in helping a company’s image.

There are a lot of factors that go into what makes a great packaging solution, but here are some pitfalls to avoid. Having proper packaging will do a lot to help shape the customers view of a company, so it is definitely worth the resources to do correctly.